SCHOOL CAMPUS The school is located in the heart of the city with the sylvan surroundings filled with groves of trees and birds. It has a beautiful infrastructure which includes:
1. The Office Building It is a red brick building of Victorian vintage with all its majestic solemnity is at the first entrance of the school campus. It houses the offices of the Principal, the Administration Officer, the school office, the staff room and the conference hall.
2. Auditorium It is the place where many young cadets get an opportunity to hone up their skills. It stages many Inter house co-curricular activities, cultural programmes, morning assembly, motivational lectures and also the entertainment centre where the cadets are shown the English and Hindi movies every week.
3. Library The school library houses many selected and classified books of different languages, genres, and disciplines.
4. Cadets’ Dormitory This is the place the cadets imbibe the true Georgian spirit from their peers and seniors.
5. 110- Dormitory This is an exclusive boarding for the new entrants in class sixth. They are specially mentored by four teachers and a Hostel Supdt. They are guided about every activity of the school by the dorm prefects of the Cariappa House .
6. Cadets Mess This is the place the cadets feel at Home away from Home. The cadets are provided with a well planned nutritional diet in every meal of the day.
7. Nischay the motivational hall The school museum, which houses many valuables things of yester years and many motivational exhibits. It is also attached with a Photo Gallery.
8. Play fields The School boasts of being the only school in Bangalore to have 20 play grounds which include a synthetic basket ball court, six-a side hockey turf field, hockey grounds, football grounds, cricket grounds, swimming pool etc.,
9. Laboratories The school has laboratories for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Art, Wood work, Computer and an English Language Lab.
10. Resource room cum Staff room It serves as a conference room also for the Staff meetings. It has every facility which is required for a teacher.