Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Vistiors

A boy was watching his grandfather writing a story and wanted to know if the story was about him. The grandfather said, yes, the story was about him, but it was not the story that was important, but the pencil which was unique. How so, the boy wanted to know. So the grandfather told the youngster five amazing truths about the humble pencil, from which we can learn a great deal.
Remember whatever great things we do, there is a great hand that guides us, called God. From time to time one needs to stop writing and sharpen the pencil, making it suffer a little. So, bearing some pain makes one a better person. The pencil always lets you use an eraser, to rub out what is wrong, akin to correcting oneself to stay on the path of justice. It does not matter whether the pencil is made of wood or what shape or colour it is, rather it is the inner lead that is important. Similarly it is one’s inner core that is important. Finally, the pencil always leaves a mark, so understand that everything you do in life will leave traces, and so beware of every one of your actions.
Today’s world is full of attractions and distractions that constantly test one’s strength of character. In keeping with our school motto, I believe that the need of the hour is this character building that goes hand in hand with the acquisition of knowledge to make peace with the world.
I have faith in my team of educators who leave no stone unturned in shaping the personalities of the young wards placed in our care.

Thank you


LT Col Bhupender Kumar



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Welcome To Rashtriya Military School Bangalore

Rashtriya Military School Bangalore is a premier residential school founded in the year 1946 to facilitate education of the children of the Defense personnel as well as the civilians.

It offers CBSE syllabus of education from class VI to XII standard. One of its aim is to prepare the students for entry to NDA and other reputed Defense and Professional institutes.

The school is located within the city limits of Bangalore and has a sprawling lush green campus. It provides all required facilities that help an aspiring   cadet to bloom in his life.